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Empowering Latino Individuals and Families to Thrive


Who We Are

Casa de la Cultura is dedicated to building a vibrant community by preserving and promoting the rich tapestry of cultural diversity in Omaha. We empower future leaders, and families to thrive, contributing to economic vitality and fostering a welcoming space for our diverse community to learn, grow, and share in our collective heritage.

Building a Better Community

Casa de la Cultura is a vibrant cultural hub, fostering a strong sense of community and empowering all to learn, grow, and share in the beauty of our collective heritage. We do this through:

Upcoming Events

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Support Casa de la Cultura

Your generosity fuels the heartbeat of Casa de la Cultura, allowing us to continue preserving and celebrating the rich tapestry of cultural diversity in Omaha. By donating to Casa de la Cultura, you play a vital role in empowering future leaders, supporting community festivals, and sustaining our impactful youth development programs.

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